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Utah Beer News

The Utah Beer News podcast is an extension of It strives to deliver stories from brewers, breweries, and everyday imbibers who share a passion for craft beer. Founded in 2018, Utah Beer News is written by and for craft beer lovers. It's handcrafted craft beer content to sip and savor.

Feb 4, 2019

A "level crossing" is an intersection where a railway line crosses a road or path. That's instead of the railway line using an overpass or tunnel to cross a road.

For Level Crossing Brewing Owner Mark Medura, the term signifies much more.

"The deeper meaning for me," he says, "is a crossroads kind of thing where the three of us have met and have taken this leap of faith with each other. Katie and Chris both left what I would consider their promising careers to join a start-up. It's a true leap of faith they took in me."

Katie is Katie Flanagan, the brewery's sales and marketing manager. And Chris is Chris Detrick, Level Crossing's head brewer.

You'll hear from Katie, Chris, and Mark in this episode of the Utah Beer News podcast.

  • They sit down with me to discuss the joys and challenges of starting a brewery from scratch.
  • They share their thoughts on the booming craft beer scene in Utah.
  • They ruminate on their favorite local beers of the moment.
  • And we even touch on some political stuff.
  • Plus, we talk about the beers that will be available when Level Crossing Brewing opens to the public in March 2019.

 We also talk a bit about licensing during the podcast. We are happy to report that soon after we recorded the podcast, Level Crossing Brewing received its bar license.

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Enjoy the episode!

Episode 14 | February 4, 2019