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Utah Beer News

The Utah Beer News podcast is an extension of It strives to deliver stories from brewers, breweries, and everyday imbibers who share a passion for craft beer. Founded in 2018, Utah Beer News is written by and for craft beer lovers. It's handcrafted craft beer content to sip and savor.

Sep 17, 2018

Dave Baker and Tim Haran discuss the origins of Oktoberfest while sipping and evaluating five fall beers.

  • Fest Helles (Uinta Brewing)
  • Oktoberfest (Bohemian Brewing)
  • Oktoberfest (Ninkasi Brewing)
  • Oktoberfest (Sierra Nevada Brewing)
  • Imperial Pumpkin Porter (Epic Brewing)

Don’t shed a tear for summer’s end. When the calendar — and eventually the weather — flips to fall, you have plenty of reasons for autumnal adoration. And it’s not just those who enjoy sweater weather after a sweltering summer. Beer drinkers can rake in piles of deliciously different fall beers.

Fall drinking means letting the leaves be your guide. You can switch to suds with a little more color — ambers, copper, and more. And luckily, there’s also a festival tailor-made for celebrating these fantastic fall creations.

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Episode 7 | September 17, 2018